Help & FAQs

How does the platform work?
See this quick video on "How to get started"
How much does it cost to become a member?
CritiqueMatch is free to all members.
Why is CritiqueMatch free?
CritiqueMatch has two sides, both accessible with one login, with no subscription. On one side, you can find critique partners and beta readers and exchange work for free. On the other side, the platform has an additional, separate area for paid critique and editing services. CritiqueMatch charges a commission fee on each transaction in the paid editing and critiquing services area, which helps cover the cost of maintaining the platform.
Are there existing critique groups I can join at CritiqueMatch?
No. However, you can share your work with as many individuals as you would like, on a one-on-one basis.
How do I transfer my manuscript/ chapter to the platform?
You can copy your work from Word or other software programs and paste it to the editor box under New Work by selecting Command+V (for MAC users) or Ctrl+V (for Windows users). When pasting your work into the main editor box, most of the formatting may be lost, including indentations. The editor will only keep italics, underlining and bold. Note that while you may not see paragraph breaks, your critique partner will see your text's paragraph breaks when they receive your work.
Can I use the platform on my phone or tablet?
The platform is currently optimized for desktop/laptop use. At the moment, we only offer limited functionality on mobile devices.
What types of writers join your site?
CritiqueMatch welcomes all writers! Here you will find partners in Non-fiction and Fiction, across genres, and in different career stages. Additionally, we welcome beta-readers who just love to read and give feedback on newly created stories.
I’m a beginner writer. Can I join your site?
Absolutely. CritiqueMatch is the right place for you to hone your craft and gain skills. As our most frequent users will attest, critiquing and giving feedback on someone else’s work helps you recognize and correct the same mistakes in your own writing.
How do I find the right critique partner for me?
There are two ways to search for partners:
  • Through “search partners,” which is our public user directory. You can filter users by genre, sub-genre, location, experience level and even by their favorite authors. Further, you can choose to contact the users with the highest ratings in the specific areas of expertise that you need help with, such as grammar or plotting.
  • Through “search postings,” which is a list of pitches by users who need feedback on their projects. You can review the project description, and filter by genre, type of feedback, and type of project, such as chapter, query, or synopsis. For example, if you are currently querying agents and/or editors, what a better way to hone your query letter skills by reviewing and critiquing other authors’ queries?
Who can see my profile?
There are two simple user privacy settings on our site: public and private.
  • If you select to have a public profile, your name will be added to our directory, where our registered users will be able to see your profile and basic information, and may choose to contact you to become their critique partner.
  • You may also set your profile to private mode, once you have found the right critique partners. This will remove you from the partner search directory, while you continue to work with your existing critique partners. In private mode, you can still search through the directory and contact other users. What if you change your mind? You can always switch back to public mode as needed so that other people can find you! In either case, your work will never be visible to the public, only to the critique partners you connect with and to whom you send your work.
My profile is public. What information can others see?
When you switch your profile to public, most of the information in your profile page will be visible to others, except the name you chose not to share (you have the option to share either your name or nickname). Your email address is never visible to others.
Who can access my work?
Other users will never see your writing unless you first become critique partners, and you explicitly invite them to critique it. Additionally, once your partners give you their feedback, they can no longer access your work. Therefore, NO more email exchanges where your work is permanently stored in others' mailboxes!
I found a bug on your site. How do I let you know?
We welcome all feedback as we are currently beta-testing our site! You can contact us by clicking the link at the end of the page.
I am trying to upload my full manuscript, but it gets stuck. What should I do?
If you are trying to paste a document of more than 30,000 words, the formatting function within the editor will encounter difficulties. We recommend to copy the full text in chunks of maximum 30,000 words and to keep files below 70,000 words total. If your manuscript is above this length, we recommend to send it in two separate files.
I don’t see my partner’s invitation.
In order to see your new partner’s invitation, you can:
  • Click on “Critique Partners” on the left side navigation bar.
  • Click on “Received Requests” from the top navigation bar.
You partners' requests are there. If you don’t see them, despite having received an email that indicated so, it might be that the person withdrew their invitation.
Is there a message board or CP classifieds to post what you are working on and what you are hoping to find?
We do have what we call a “search postings” section where you can post a short description of your work and what type of critique partner you are looking for. This way, our registered users could read it, and whoever is interested in your project can send you a request to become partners. The posting should work as a pitch, defining what you are working on and what type of help you are looking for from others. It can’t be your real work, which will ultimately be exchanged privately with your partners.
I keep getting partner requests. How can I stop other users from contacting me?
When you switch your profile to private, other users cannot find you under our directory and won't be able to send you partner requests. While private, all the other features of the platform are still available to you, and you can continue to work with your partners or search for new ones.
Is there a way I can upload a pdf file?
No, but you can always copy and paste your work from your PDF file into the editor box under “My Work”, "New Work".
I tried to sign up on your site but I need to verify my email. How do I do this?
Once you sign up on the website, you will receive an email to the address you provided. That email contains a verification link that activates your account. By clicking on the link within the email, you will activate your account and then you will be able to login to the site.
What if I find out that my partner is not a good fit and I no longer want to work with them?
You can always remove a partner if they are not a good fit for you. To delete a partner, go to your critique partners’ list under the “critique partner” tab, and click on the “trash" icon next to the name of the person you want to delete. The person will not be notified at the time of deletion.
I can’t find my category under Type & Genre.
We are continuously improving the platform. If you can’t find a category within our directory, please provide us with the missing category by contacting us at the email address at the end of this page, and we will address this.
I can’t find my favorite authors.
We are continuously improving the platform. If you can’t find the name of your favorite author within our directory, please send us the list of your favorite authors at the email address at the end of this page, and we will address this.
I’ve been trying to review my partner, and can’t figure out how.
When you receive your partner’s work, you can find it by clicking on the “Partner Work” tab from the navigation menu on the left. There, you will find a list of all the projects that have been sent to you. The newly received ones will show a red notification blob next to them.

Click on the “Critique” button to see the text that your partner shared with you. To insert an in-line comment, you have to first select the portion of the text you want to comment on, and then click on the “+ comment” button on the top left. Furthermore, if you want to provide additional high-level feedback, you can write within the “Feedback” box at the bottom of the page. You can always save your critique as draft while you continue to work on it, or submit it right away to your partner.
When reviewing my partners’ work, I highlight the text and click on the “+comment” button. But when a text box pops up, I can’t type anything in it.
To add a comment, you first have to highlight the text and click the +comment button. Then click inside the pop up box with your cursor in order to add text in it.
Who are the Pro-Critiquers?
Pro-Critiquers are freelance beta-readers, writers, agents, and editors with critiquing and editing experience.
What happens when I place an order for a critique? Do I automatically get charged the full amount?
When you order a critique or editing service, we first authorize the full amount of the service on your credit card. We process the charge once the Pro-Critiquer has accepted your work; when the Pro-Critiquer requests a new deliverable deadline from you, we process the payment once you accept that new deadline. If either party rejects or does not respond to the order within the required 72-hour window, the transaction gets canceled and the hold on your credit card is removed.
When the Pro-Critiquer accepted my order, I got charged the full order amount. How do you ensure that the Pro-Critiquer will complete the service?
While CritiqueMatch collects the order amount upfront, we only release the funds to the Pro-Critiquer when the service has been completed. Additionally, in case of a dispute, CritiqueMatch will mediate to assist both parties for a resolution. We got you covered!
Why does CritiqueMatch charge me a 10% fee for each order?
The 10% (or $5 minimum) CritiqueMatch client fee allows us to cover the cost of maintaining the platform, onboarding professionals, secure payments, and offering customer support, including dispute assistance.
How can I pay for a critique or editing service?
We accept all major credit cards on the platform.
Are all Pro-Critiquers professional editors?
Pro-Critiquers are freelance beta-readers, writers, agents, and editors with critiquing and editing experience. On our platform, Pro-Critiquers are top-rated, community-vetted critiquers who have received 5-star ratings from a minimum of 10 different writers.
Do I copy-paste my work to send it to the Pro-Critiquer?
No. Unlike the platform’s free side, when you purchase a critique, you can upload a Word document with your work. The Pro-Critiquer will return their critique via a Word document as well.
How do I become a Pro-Critiquer?
Users with 5-star ratings from a minimum of 10 different writers can apply to become Pro-Critiquers. To apply, you can go to your profile, click edit, and at the bottom, click on the button to request to become a Pro-Critiquer.
I applied to become a Pro-Critiquer. When will I hear from you?
Users with 5-star ratings from a minimum of 10 different writers can apply to become Pro-Critiquers. If you have already applied and qualify based on the above criteria, you will hear from us with the next steps. Please note your application is not automatically approved. We are onboarding Pro-Critiquers on a rolling basis.
I messaged a Pro-Critiquer, and a pop-up window told me the message did not go through because I included my email address. What did I do wrong?
We do not allow the exchange of private contact information with Pro-Critiquers as we do not want to take transactions off the platform. Transactions completed outside CritiqueMatch will not be covered via our terms of service, and we will not be able to assist with payment or other related disputes. If a Pro-Critiquer tried to contact you outside CritiqueMatch, please email us here.
How much does it cost to buy a critique?
The price varies for each professional. You can browse the Pro-Critiquer’s profiles by going to “Hire Professionals” and “Search Pro-Critiquers,” then view the prices listed on each profile. Additionally, on the same page, you can narrow down your search results by selecting one service at a time and then using the “Filter by price” functionality to view professionals in a specific price range.
What is the difference between critique partners and beta readers?
A critique partner is a writer trained in the writing craft, who reads sentences carefully and tries to find issues while reading. A beta reader is a reader untrained in the writing craft, who reads faster and tries to get immersed in the story and connect to your characters rather than find fault on every page.
Why is there a 10-file limit under My Work/ Submitted Work?
We have set up the 10-file limit under Submitted Work so that in order to submit more work to your critique partners, first, you have to rate the critiques you received, and then you move them under the Archived Work tab. (There is no limit to the number of files you can have under the Archived Work tab.)
Why do I need a critique partner?
A critique partner can be your second pair of eyes as you give and receive constructive feedback and grow your writing skills! Writing is quite a lonely journey... A critique partner provides you with encouragement, accountability, and over time, friendship!
I received a pop-up message that I have reached the maximum number of Submitted Work. How do I proceed from here?
Simply rate the critiques on your Submitted Work tab and then move them to the Archived Work tab (by clicking the “Archive” button in each critique.) There is no limit as to how many files you can have under the Archived Work tab.
Can I change a review I gave?
CritiqueMatch has a "no change" policy regarding ratings and reviews in order to maintain the validity of our user ratings. The exception to this rule is when the review exchanged is offensive. If you received an offensive review, please email us here.
I left someone a bad review, and now they are sending me inappropriate messages. Can I block them?
As a platform, we have zero tolerance for harassment, which is conveyed in our community rules and our Terms of Service. If someone is bothering you because of a bad review, please email us here.
How do I deactivate my account?
In order to process the deactivation of your account and verify your identity, please send the following information to the email address at the end of the page: your full name and the email address on record when you signed up at CritiqueMatch
Still have questions? Email us. We would love to hear from you!