About Us

CritiqueMatch is about my love for stories, acting, and technology.

I have always loved books. When I was a teenager in Italy, I would spend my summer breaks under the shadow of a plum tree in our garden. There, with my bare feet in the grass and the cicadas singing, I would escape into vivid fictional worlds.

As the summers passed, the Italian classics (I still have a soft spot for Andrea De Carlo’s “Due di Due” and remember the two protagonists’ strong friendship) gave way to Stephen King and English literature.

Fast-forward an undisclosed number of years. While I still enjoy reading novels, I spend most of the time reading Artificial Intelligence research papers. Now, in my free time, I study acting. Two seemingly different passions, but ironically, it was AI and the theater that led me to create CritiqueMatch.

The more I learned about AI, the more I wanted to share what I’d learned. I began writing blogs to explain AI concepts to a non-technical audience. I quickly realized that, before publishing the blogs, I needed someone to review what I’d written. Someone who could not only fix any grammar mistakes but would also confirm I explained the technical concepts in a clear and simple manner.

At the same time, while training to be an actor, I interacted with many screenwriters, some of whom were also amateur novelists working on their first novels. We were all passionate creators who wanted their work to excel and had the same need: a second pair of eyes to polish our work. In need of someone who could provide honest, constructive feedback.

It’s then that I realized the importance of having people to rely on who can critique your work before it gets published.

I couldn’t find a place where I could connect with critique partners the way I thought it should be. I came across groups on different platforms, social media, in-person, where the work was shared in several ways. The people I spoke with shared emails and documents with individuals they met casually in-person, or randomly, on social media.

There had to be a better way!

I couldn’t find it. Therefore, the engineer in me decided to build it.

I wanted to provide a place where people with the same passion and needs could find each other. To give creators a way to search for partners who were the best fit for them, and to enable them to help each other along the way. Finding the right partner is like finding a best friend. You get to know a lot of people along the way, and, ultimately, you get closer to those with whom you share a lot of interests, and those who were there for you during ups and downs. A critique partnership is the same. It’s a two-way process, where you grow together as writers. You encourage each other while providing constructive feedback that makes each of you a better writer.

This is what CritiqueMatch is all about. It’s a community of people who want to work with you and help you out. A critique partner is your companion and your mentor. CritiqueMatch is the place you want to visit before you send your creative work out there.

We are growing fast, both as a company and as a community. We are delighted to hear that many of our users have already found reliable critique partners that helped them on their novels and supported them in their endeavor!

Writing doesn’t have to be a lonely journey.

Mike Cavaioni
Founder & CEO